How to track a lost cell phone with Gmail

 If your cell phone was misplaced or stolen and you don't have a tracking app installed, you can now find your cell phone by Google thanks to the free service for Android phones.

The telecom giant provides you with a web page where you can view your cell phone in real-time and an app to find a cell phone from another device. techqueer

Initial setup

Although all terminals with Android operating system can use the free Google tool.

New Cell Phones healthnutritionhints

In this case, the procedure is very simple: just slide the top menu of the cell phone until the key

Check the location function and the device will connect to Google through your Gmail account.

Find a cell phone by Gmail?

You will see them all on the portal map. digitalknowledgetoday

Here are the steps you require to follow to see your mobile phone in real real real real

You will immediately see your terminal on the map if you have an active location

Use 3 functions to communicate with your lost mobile phone

Apart from being able to locate an Android mobile phone using Gmail, this warning message can have a deterrent effect on a thief. This is the way you can feel localized (it really is) and it is very likely that you will quickly get rid of the cell phone, in addition to the constant function of knowing how to track a cell phone in real-time. smartdiethealth

Activate sound

Once you press this button, it will robotically activate the alarm at maximum volume on your cell phone even if it is in vibration or silent mode. healthfitnesschampion

Possible use cases for this function:

You know that a cell phone is nearby, but you cannot find it, you turn on the sound and quickly find it

Someone has it next to you, you scare him and you can return your device

Activate blocking

By clicking on this option, you will completely lock your phone so that no one can use it, and you can also write a text message for the person who has your mobile phone to see.

Possible use cases: 

Quickly create a password pattern if you don't have a lock pattern, password, or screen PIN

Notice like "please return my cell phone" or, if there is no intention to return it, "you are here, the police are on their way"

Complete device lock, no one can access internal files

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