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How to track a lost cell phone with Gmail

 If your cell phone was misplaced or stolen and you don't have a tracking app installed, you can now find your cell phone by Google thanks to the free service for Android phones. The telecom giant provides you with a web page where you can view your cell phone in real-time and an app to find a cell phone from another device.  techqueer Initial setup Although all terminals with Android operating system can use the free Google tool. New Cell Phones  healthnutritionhints In this case, the procedure is very simple: just slide the top menu of the cell phone until the key Check the location function and the device will connect to Google through your Gmail account. Find a cell phone by Gmail? You will see them all on the portal map.  digitalknowledgetoday Here are the steps you require to follow to see your mobile phone in real real real real You will immediately see your terminal on the map if you have an active location Use 3 functions to communicate with your lost

How to expand the internal memory of a cell phone

 Mobile phone memory is often filled ahead of schedule with a lot of photos, videos, applications, and files that we receive every day. We know how frustrating it can be when you receive a message that your phone is running out of memory, so we want to help you.

Today we will tell you about some tools and tricks that allow you to expand the memory of your mobile phone in an easy way.

Ways to expand the internal memory of a cell phone.

If your mobile phone has an external microSD card techsupportreviews slot, you can easily expand its storage. Otherwise, the easiest way to increase the internal memory is to free some of the used space.

In any case, we recommend deleting unwanted videos, photos, and files. Now we will teach you some tricks and tools to increase the memory of your device.

On Android 6 or higher

Starting with this software version, there is an option to convert the microSD card to internal memory.

To expand the memory of your Android 6 (Marshmallow) or later device, you need to format the card by following these steps.

Delete files

To have more internal storage on your device, one of the best solutions is to delete videos, photos, music, apps, and files that you are not using. These items usually take up the most space.

If you don't want to delete them because they are important, you can use another method, such as moving them to a micro SD card, to your computer, to external storage, or to the cloud.

Install an external memory

If your device is an iPhone, there are adapters for external SD cards?

We recommend that you check the specifications of your mobile phone to find out what type of microSD card it supports and get the one that suits your needs. Most low-cost mobile phones only accept lower capacity cards, while mobile phones only accept lower capacity cards.

Move files to microSD

Next, you need to move the largest files to the card. ?

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