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How to track a lost cell phone with Gmail

 If your cell phone was misplaced or stolen and you don't have a tracking app installed, you can now find your cell phone by Google thanks to the free service for Android phones. The telecom giant provides you with a web page where you can view your cell phone in real-time and an app to find a cell phone from another device.  techqueer Initial setup Although all terminals with Android operating system can use the free Google tool. New Cell Phones  healthnutritionhints In this case, the procedure is very simple: just slide the top menu of the cell phone until the key Check the location function and the device will connect to Google through your Gmail account. Find a cell phone by Gmail? You will see them all on the portal map.  digitalknowledgetoday Here are the steps you require to follow to see your mobile phone in real real real real You will immediately see your terminal on the map if you have an active location Use 3 functions to communicate with your lost

How to block a cell phone by IMEI

How to block a cell phone by IMEI

Find a cell

If your mobile phone has been stolen or lost, you can prevent someone from accessing your information by blocking it by IMEI. It is a safe way to protect your personal data such as contacts, messages, photos, and videos. techwadia

Let's take a look at what IMEI is first and then explain how to securely lock a device using this method.

What is IMEI?

This is a unique 15-digit code assigned to all mobile phones and reflects the international identity of each team. It is extremely important to keep this number as you will need it when you need to lock your smartphone in case of theft or loss.

Each mobile phone has its own IMEI. This code is automatically transmitted to your telephone company's network when you connect to the Internet. This way the operator can see who is making each call and where it is coming from.

What happens when blocking by IMEI

In most cases, when a person steals a mobile phone, they do so in order to sell or sell parts of it. Criminals know that the owner will likely lock the smartphone, but the speaker, sensors, camera, and RAM will still work flawlessly. So by reporting by IMEI, you complicate the task for the thief.

With this lock, the phone will not be able to make calls, send messages or use gigabytes to surf the Internet. If someone manages to unlock the cell phone or reset it to factory settings, they will only be able to connect to the network via Wi-Fi.

Keys for blocking by IMEI

When manufacturing this unit, the following recommendations must be taken into account:

Find out what IMEI your device has

You can apply to the police with an invoice.

If you bought a mobile phone directly from an operator, call and ask to block it.

If you bought the device from another company, you need to call the operator to register the IMEI in the database.

I got mugged, now what happens to my files? Even if you manage to block a stolen cell phone, your photos, videos, and apps will still be available if a criminal obtains your PIN.

If you are restoring a device and find it is IMEI locked, you must call the carrier to request an unlock.

How to block by IMEI

You have the right to report the theft of a mobile phone immediately by contacting your telephone service provider. After completing the control, you can request a new SIM card with the same phone number.

To block a stolen mobile phone, you need to have the following on hand:

Phone number

Name, surname, and address of the linear holder

Equipment identification number (IMEI)

You must first call the customer service agent, report the phone theft and disconnect the line using the carrier's communications. Below we explain how to complete this process at different telephone companies.

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